Invitation from Artistic Director, Leslie Guyton

Dear Friends of MoveShop,

We began work on Racine D'or two years ago!  It has been two years of huge growth for the company - mostly thrilling, sometimes terrifying.  And here we are, two weeks away from the premiere of Racine D'or in our hometown - New York City - before we go on tour this fall.  It's hard to believe this moment is finally here.

I am excited to share this new work with you all.  A large part of that excitement comes from knowing the overwhelming talent of the powerhouse cast and crew involved. 

This is an artistic collaboration with Cedric Watson et Bijou Creole, an amazing French Creole band from Louisiana.  Although it is wonderful that Cedric has been nominated for four Grammys, what lights me up about collaborating with him is that when he sings and plays music, there is no doubt in my mind that he is somehow channeling God or something else huge and unimaginable.

We are also exploring new territory.  We are trying a few things for the first time: live on stage sound effects, a 10 dancer ensemble to join our principle performers and integration of poetic text to accompany the live music and dance.

This premiere is going to be as huge as the last two years have been for us, and we want you there for it!  Come have some beer on us the first night, or join us for the big finale final show! 

All the details you'll need to reserve tickets are in the link below.

See you in two weeks for the big opening!

Racine D'or Ticket Info



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