Artistic Director Leslie Guyton Casting Female Dancer (30's or 40's) for New Folk Rock Music Video


Music Video Director Alex Fischer and MoveShop Choreographer Leslie Guyton come together to create a new music video for musician Chadwick Stokes (lead singer for Dispatch - now releasing his solo album).

Chadwick Stokes' new song "Mother Maple" is about a Woman, a powerful badass mother. She is living in 2 worlds simultaneously. Her outward self, giving so much for her family and floating through her home, completing small tasks and watching her world move slowly around her. And her inner self, naked and pure expression, dancing like a maniac in front of a projection of her home. This beautiful black and white music video will intercut between the 2 worlds eventually blurring the lines between them.

**Note** The nudity in this video comes from a place of raw humanity and specifically being a real woman. It is not for the purposes of being sexy and we're not looking for models. Women who watch the video should feel comfortable with this character not alienated. Also, in terms of the shoot, the crew will include some men (the director is male) however the majority of people on set will be female including the choreographer and director of photography.



Seeking one badass female dancer, caucasian, in her 30's or 40's with strong contemporary technique, a love for improvisation, and an awesome personal movement style. Acting experience and/or training is a plus.  A portion of the video will be shot in the nude.  Must be willing to dance nude.  Women with very short hair or a shaved head preferred but definitely not required.



Thursday Oct 9 from 9:30am - 12:30pm in Williamsburg, BK.



Ideally three rehearsals in the evening of Oct 14, 15 + 16.  To be finalized between dancer and choreographer after casting.



We'll be traveling to shoot on Martha's Vineyard leaving Friday Oct 17 around 3pm and returning to NYC on Sunday Oct 18 at 6pm.



The audition will last up to 3 hours.  The first hour will be an open improvised dance party, for those asked to stay, the second hour will be an acting improvisation.  And then the final hour we will ask the final 5 candidates to dance mostly nude (in underwear or bathing suit bottoms).  During the nude portion of the audition, only two women from the crew will be in the room (excluding the male director): the choreographer and the casting director (and we're happy to strip down too if it makes you more comfortable!).  None of the audition will be recorded in any way.  



Email casting director Paige Moody and choreographer Leslie Guyton at with your headshot or recent photo, resume and if you have one, your dance reel.  After review, we will invite selected dancers to join us for the audition and will be in touch via email with location details.



$750 total stipend




Stay tuned for new learning opportunities with The MoveShop, coming soon!

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