The MoveShop Classes

The MoveShop draws from the collaborative powers of actors, dancers, and musicians to create innovative pieces of dance theater. Our education program strives to give performers the multidisciplinary training and stage presence that is vital to our own performances. We aim to create versatile and well-rounded performers by providing the best dance training available in a variety of styles and disciplines and by utilizing our own unique, holistic approach to movement training. The program trains dancers to not only communicate through technical movement proficiency, but to also strengthen their sense of intention. By crafting the art of stage presence, The MoveShop teaches performers to be leaders. These leaders not only command space, but they make bold choices fueled by individuality in their own work.

It is our goal to create a supportive atmosphere of acceptance and receptivity -- a community of collaborators and performers sharing a sense of openness to dance, play, learn and grow with one another. We strive to make our dance program accessible to everyone, regardless of age, prior training and skill level. It is our belief that by creating this community, our training program will provide a network for artists to connect with each other, enhancing the entire artistic community of Brooklyn.


Stay tuned for new learning opportunities with The MoveShop, coming soon!

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