The MoveShop is a Brooklyn-based company of dancers, actors and musicians who coalesce to create distinct dance theatre pieces. The work is collaborative, drawing inspiration from different musicians, writers, choreographers and the performers themselves.  Under the Artistic Direction of Leslie Guyton, they invite the audience into their world; a place where questions are asked without judgment and the imagination can run free.  With its current and ever growing repertory, The MoveShop continues to be a unique force that shares beautifully crafted, dynamic and touching dance stories with diverse communities.

In order to build a common vocabulary and clearly communicate pieces that demand multi-talented performers, the company trains intensively in both dance and acting and continues to evolve a unique methodology.  As active members of the New York artist community, The MoveShop holds training workshops and classes in various acting techniques and contemporary dance.  In addition to movement and acting training, the group also leads an annual class in its own composition technique aimed toward teaching and creating new connections with fellow artists.

Formerly know as the Movement Workshop Group, the company was co-founded in 2005 by Leslie Guyton and Liza Hostetler-Ingalls. Continuing its commitment to imaginative dance and movement-based theater, the company changed its name to The MoveShop in 2014. 


Stay tuned for new learning opportunities with The MoveShop, coming soon!

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